About Myself

Hello. My name is Anna. I’d like to tell you a little bit about myself. I’m thirteen years old and I study in the 7th form of the state secondary school. My hobbies are swimming and collecting teddy bears. I’ve been going in for swimming since my childhood and each year I’m getting even more experienced in this sport. Last year I took part in the regional competition and won the first prize. It was a special golden-plated cup, which now stands in my room. My parents are very proud of me. At school we have many interesting subjects but my favourites are English and PE (Physical education). I’m really good at these subjects. In the future maybe I will travel to different countries in order to participate in swimming competitions and I will speak English there. I also have a large collection of teddy bears. At first I’ve got them like presents on different occasions, and then I liked them so much that I started actively collecting them. I don’t usually have lots of free time, because after school lessons I spend several hours at the pool swimming and when I come back home, it’s already late and I still need to do my homework for tomorrow. The only time when I’m freer is the weekend. So at weekends I try to relax and I meet my best friends. We go for a walk together, we listen to the music, we share recent news, and we play some games on the computer. I also sometimes visit my grandparents at weekends. They live outside the city so I take a local train there. They are always happy to see me and my grandmother cooks her most delicious dishes for me. They have a large garden with trees and plants and when it’s summertime I help them to do some work in it.

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