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Andizhan region Khodjaobod district Secondary school №16

Lesson plan.

Grade: 8

Theme: Revision

Time: 40 minutes.                        Date:___________                      Supervisor:_________Yo.Holmatova


  1. a) Educational: to explain the new words and to enrich pupil’s knowledge.
  2. b) Educate: to explain respecting each-other.
  3. c) Development: to development: to develop pupil’s writing and oral speech.

State Education Standard (CEFR).

1) Grammar: be able to use adjectives.

2) Reading: read exercises and texts.

3) Speaking: practice about self reading skills.

4) Listening: listening speech from tape recorder and understanding it.

5) Writing: to be able to complete sentences.

Visual aids: Posters, handouts, Cards, computer.

Stages of the lesson.

  1. Information (5m)
  2. Presentation (15m)
  3. Evaluation group works (10m)
  4. Analyze the lesson and homework (7m)
  5. Giving up homework (3)
  6. Information.
  7. a) Organization moment:
  8. b) Listening pupil on duty’s information. (3)
  9. c) Homework.

The method of lesson:

The type of lesson: Traditional.

  1. Presentation.


Lesson 1 Goodies and baddies. Ask your family members about the films they like. Write what they like and why.

e.g. My father likes … films. His favourite film is … because …

1 Describe a famous film made in Uzbekistan.

e.g. O’tkan kunlar is a historical film. It is about …

Choose five of the films and write what kind of film they are.

e.g. ‘Jumanji’ is a cartoon.

‘Alisher Navoi’, ‘Braveheart’, ‘Ajal so’qmog’i’ (Deadly Path), ‘Robin Hood’, ‘Kelinlar qo’zg’oloni’ (Rebellion of Daughters-in-law), ‘Charlie Chaplin’s adventures’, ‘Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom’, ‘Ivan Vasilevich changes his profession’, ‘Tom and Jerry’, ‘Bunyodkorlik’ (Creation)

3 Write about 2 or 3 actors/actresses you and your family like.

e.g. I like …. He is tall with a dark

moustache, in (name of film) he plays (name of character). He is a (type of person). The film is a (type of film). It’s a (your opinion of the film). I give it (your rating).


1          star – A bad film, I don’t recommend it.

2          stars – A boring film, I don’t recommend it unless you have nothing else to do.

3          stars – An average film, you’ll enjoy it.

4          stars – This is a good film, watch it.

5          stars – Don’t miss it. This is a wonderful film.

III. Evaluation. Marking pupils, giving prizes.

  1. Analyze the lesson and homework.
  2. Giving up homework. To prepare for the next lesson.

Good bye.

See you later.

P.S : Lesson plan according to calendar thematic plan.

Subject teachers: G.E.Dadajonova , A.A.Olimov

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